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Water leaks in the home can occur at any time during home ownership.  Accurate leak detection for water damage is a totally different story. The challenge is finding the cause. Water Damage can be caused by driven rain, a broken pipe, a toilet overflow, drain overflow, window leak, Air Conditioner Leak, Water line break and many more reasons.

Water can travel and flow within in its pitch, skilled and, therefore, proper equipment is necessary to identify the actual source of the leak. We encountered many incidents when homeowners have had their house all torn up to detect the source of a water leak – from cut out tiles, slabs, walls – and many other structural parts of the home. The good news is that when taking the proper steps, with the right equipment, and by simple process of elimination you can minimize damages, process the information and proceed to a quicker and cheaper repair.

Let’s explain some of these procedures:

#1:  The best and first procedure is doing a simple use of components diagnostic. This may show if the component is working as it should be. An experienced Licensed Contractor, most of the times can identify how the moisture, or water is causing the damage by seeing visual signs, which can guide you towards its source. Unfortunately since water can travel and it may be traveling from other areas, so it is always better to confirm with some equipment.

#2:  Moisture meter detection. This tool is a non-invasive tool.  It measures surfaces moisture content up to a certain depth. The moisture meter scan can be used on many surfaces, and it can detect areas with high moisture content without damaging, or creating access areas to perform the scan.

#3:  Thermal imaging Detection. This is done by using a thermal imaging camera. The Thermal Scan picks up and scans temperature underneath surfaces, so it detects, heat loss, moisture and so on…. The Thermal imaging scan will confirm, or pin point the concentrated area of damage, which then allows you to concentrate or work on a specific area.

#4:  Telescopic Camera detection is a great tool for water leak detection. These are used in many areas. From sewer lines, to wall areas. The Telescopic detection gives you the possibility to visually see the issues without demolishing unnecessary areas, and making your discovery less repairable and more cost effective. This is a great tool to use, and it is the only remedy to avoid to proceed to a demolition detection, which will make your discovery damages minimal or near to minimal with easily repairable access points.

These Detections and tools are the key to minimize, and discover the cause of the Water Damage. Without the proper use and skill detections it can be very extended detection, costly and damaging, that is why a Restoration Contractor that specializes and is set up for this can get your life back to normal condition.

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